Since COVID-19 set all services to the e-Commerce direction, all technology Industries has increased the capacity of hiring employees. For some people that need to learn but the online course cost too much from $50 up to hundred $, some of websites are offering their codes for free (they earning some money from google ads, or some by providing premium services for advanced codes). Below we are ordering top 10 of online course classes or complete tutorials for beginners to start their carriers.

1- BitDegree

StackDeveloping - BitDegree

BitDegree is a platform based on Blockchain that offer free and paid courses that uses as programming technologies HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP also with their Frameworks.

2- StackDeveloping

StackDeveloping learn for free codes

StackDeveloping is a platform that is based on users request to get the free solution by the website experts. Also they surf to all Premium Freelancing websites and they solves the problems for free. They based on programming languages technologies such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP also their frameworks.


Find the best Courses for free

Coursera provides free and almost premium courses, but also they offer seven days free trials period for paid courses. This platform gather the courses by partnering with over 200 universities over the world. Here you can find courses for all categories of languages technologies.

4- Khan Academy

 learn codes for free

Khan Academy is a non profit organization, that offer free courses for users. Also its in App Store or Play Store to provide to the users free courses without any subscriptions or in app purchases.

5-WEB.DEV by Google

Stackdeveloping Web.Dev

Also google can offer to their users the section of learning, by building a great “web-experience”. Here everyone can find web development courses such as responsive HTML forms, PWA development and CSS. Also here users can learn how to increase the Website Performance suggested by Google using the web vitals, metrics and performance.


Code ORG - StackDeveloping is non profit organization providing to the students to be accessibly on Computer Science, by providing many fields of Technology topics.

7- W3SchoolsTop 10 Websites to learn codes for freeRegarding to our knowledge, since everyone has one start in his carrier, W3Schools is the start for everyone to get the first approach with a programming language, basically for Web Programming. W3schools offer free and premium content also help everyone to check their changes from and dedicated editor that executes the code.

Hackrio Stackdeveloping

Is a platform based on ads earning, where users can find from this platform the course by selecting first the language and then this platform list all the course that comes from other course providers.

9-Learn to Code HTML and CSS

Learn to code HTML & CSS

This website offers to the users a various course that help everyone to build Front-End Designs and Dev Topics for beginners and advanced users.

10- Free Code Camp

FreeCodeCamp is non profit organization that helps the users learn to code by building project, completing coding challenges and earning certifications.

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